life relay logoFormed by a group of passionate pharmacists, Life Relay Health Care Solutions Inc. is a professional pharmacy service dedicated to empower patients through education, informative counselling and providing access to affordable lifesaving medications.

Established on the belief that no one should be deprived of access to crucial medications in today’s healthcare, LifeRelay is devoted to ensure every patient’s healthcare plan goes uncompromised. Combining our professional expertise with our vast experience in the global pharmaceutical landscape, we are able to deliver the most reliable medications at the least expensive prices. Even if you are unable to afford a medication at our marked prices that is critical to your health, do not hesitate to contact us about your situation, we may be able to help you with a financial assistance program. Your health is our priority, we are inspired to help and to make a difference.

Life Relay is dedicated to provide the highest quality patient care services. You will receive therapeutic counselling and follow-ups on your condition and medications by our licensed pharmacists and be able to consult them every step of the way. We will actively collaborate with your doctor to eliminate barriers of communication for a seamless care process. Getting and managing your medications should be the least of your worries and we take the onus to meet and exceed your expectation.

Please check out our blog for up-to-date information on health care, and visit our online pharmacy shop for reliable and affordable medications. Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists.

Our Values and Expectations:


It is our duty to tell the truth and to act with conviction and conscience in the best interest of every one of our patients.


Always place the concerns for our patients’ well-being at the centre of our practice. Never refuse to lend a helping hand.


All staff has the duty to maintain knowledge and competency of new medications, devices, and technologies as they become available and as health information advances.


Commit to sustaining a care triangle with the patient and their primary healthcare provider to facilitate communication and enhance informed decision making.


Always take the onus to meet and exceed the expectations of our patients. Hold ourselves responsible to our customers by honoring our commitments.

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