Study shows statins can improve IPF patient outcomes

The study “Effect of statins on disease-related outcomes in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,” was recently published in the journal Thorax. The researchers in this study compiled patient outcome data from all of the previous 3 major clinical trials on pirfenidone, the two CAPACITY trials and the ASCEND trial.

The combined patient data was analyzed based on those patients who were taking statin drugs during the clinical trials and patients who were not taking statin drugs. Among all the patients, 276 (44%) patients were statin users and 348 (56%) did not use statins. Both groups had similar characteristics at baseline, but the statin users were on average older and had higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease.


data analysis shows that statins can improve IPF

Comparison of the clinical outcome between the 2 groups found statin users to have an overall lower risk of death or 6-mintue walk test decline accompanied by lower all-cause hospitalizations, respiratory-related hospitalizations, and IPF-related deaths when compared to non-users.

The study concluded that statins are beneficial for patients with IPF, but future studies are required to further assess statin use benefits and the potential use of statins in combination with antifibrotic therapies.

crestor statins

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