Brand name vs Generic drugs – Are they really Equivalent?

We get asked very often about the difference between a brand name drug and a generic drug and it always centers around the question if they really Equivalent; And if so, why the big price difference? Almost everyone knows that brand name drugs are much more expensive than their generics, and the substantial price difference leads many to believe brand name drugs are more effective. Some even seem to think of generic drugs as copy-cats or knock-offs of the original brand name medication, like the so-called “Rolex” watches and “Louis Vuitton” bags sold by street vendors. However, any healthcare professionals will confirm that generic drugs are just as effective as brand-name ones. This article will provide a detailed review of why generic drugs are much cheaper but equally effective to brand name drugs. Continue reading

SSL Certificate – Online Shopping

Nowadays people love the convenience of online shopping. But,  how do you know a shopping site protects your private information and most importantly credit card information? What should you be aware of when choosing an online shopping website?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a Internet browser (user’s computer) and a web server (website). The Secure Sockets Layer connection protects sensitive data that user enters, such as personal information and credit card information. Many platforms are using SSL certificate, such as GMail,  Facebook, Amazon and etc. When shopping on SSL certified website, user sensitive data are protected and encrypted. These websites have a lock in their URL when visited on an Internet browser (see screenshots below). You may click on the lock to view more information regarding the certificate. We are not going to spend lots of time explaining the technology behind SSL. Hopefully this give you an introduction of secured on-line shopping. For more information, please visit the links in the extend reading section. Continue reading